From G. Ouzounian and S. Lappin, 'Soundspace: A Manifesto' (2014). Illustration by  Ryan O'Reilly , Rinky Design ©2014.

From G. Ouzounian and S. Lappin, 'Soundspace: A Manifesto' (2014). Illustration by Ryan O'Reilly, Rinky Design ©2014.


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Symposia (hosted)

2 March 2018. Study Day: Acoustic Cities. University of Oxford.

18 May 2015. Postgraduate Student symposium. Queen's University Belfast.

30 May 2014. International Symposium. Queen's University Belfast.



5-9 September 2016. Workshops on Urban Sound. Metropolitan Arts Centre Belfast. 'For urban planners, architects and sound artists to discuss the role of sound in the design and planning of urban environments'


Seminars (Hosted)

Katherine Fennelly, 'Creating an Institutional Environment: An Archaeology of the Sonic in the Historic Lunatic Asylum'. 11 May 2015.

Jacqueline Waldock, 'Capturing the City: Community Soundscape Composition as an Analysis of Urban Change'. 27 March 2015.

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Concerts & exhibitions (Hosted)

Raviv Ganchrow, 'Shipping Forecast' (in progress). Sonic Arts Research Centre. 11 December 2014.

Brandon LaBelle, 'Speculations on the Lyrical Imagination of the Resistant, the Lazy and the Hopeful.' Sonic Arts Research Centre. 15 May 2014.

Miguel Negrao and Matilde Meireles, '48 Hz / X Marks the Spot'. Platform Arts. Co-presented by PLACE, Platform Arts and Recomposing the City. 28-30 March 2014.

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McCafferty, Conor and Rebekah McCabe / PLACE. Podcast series: 'The Infinite City: Stories of People and Place'. (2018 - ongoing).

- Season 1, Episode 1: Daniel - Talking Heads and Magic Jugs 

- Season 1, Episode 2: Kate - Remembering the Ring of Steel

- Season 1, Episode 3: Mark - The City Beyond Sight 

- Season 1, Episode 4: Richard - Designing Deaf Space

- Season 1, Episode 5: Andrew - The Hidden History of a Shopping Centre

- Season 1, Episode 6: Marianne - Living in Paradise Land 

- Season 1, Special Episode: Live at the Sonic Lab, Belfast (forthcoming)