Tuned City: A Thanks

We were the lucky audience at Carsten Stabenow's brilliant seminar on the project Tuned City, whereby cities including Berlin, Tallinn, Nürnberg, and Brussels have been transformed into laboratories for fascinating experiments in sonic architectures and interactions. Stabenow discussed historical efforts ranging from Athanasius Kircher's Phonurgia Nova to contemporary investigations of urban sound. Along the way we were treated to a discussion of dozens of projects carried out under the auspices of Tuned City, a project that responds in a profound way to the sites it inhabits and imbues. Please visit the Tuned City Web site, a detailed archive of projects and events since 2008. A beautifully designed book is also available for purchase through the Web site. We are sincerely grateful to Stabenow for sharing his insights with our group, and for his inspiring efforts in the area of sound art curation.