Street Society 2014: Soundmap of Sailtortown

Street Society, Queen's Architecture's Live Project, entered its fifth year in 2014.  Building on last year's sound project in which students made recordings on either side of one of Belfast's peacelines, this year's group of three MArch and five BSc students took on the challenge of making a soundmap of Belfast's Sailtortown Area.  This part of the city, once a bustling urban community, has seen considerable downturn in recent years due to decline of industry and the building of a major roadway through the area.  The Street Society '14 team spent an intensive week in March recording the sounds of the area and interpreting the sonic environment through sketch and maps, combining their work into the Belfast Sailortown SoundMap.  During the week, they also showed their work to over 20 secondary schools as part of the School's initiative to showcase the power of design and architecture to young people.  You can see their blog of the week at  Congratulations to the whole team.