New UK Sound Studies Network

Gascia Ouzounian and Isobel Anderson from Recomposing the City were happy to attend the scoping meeting for a new UK Sound Studies network at University of Glasgow on 30 April. The meeting brought together several dozen scholars and artists who work across a broad range of disciplines and practices connected to sound studies: filmmakers, radio producers, acousticians, sociologists, composers, sound artists, soundscape researchers, and many others. Participants took part in discussions on such topics as 'Sound and Community', 'Sound, Space and Subjectivity', and 'Creative Practice in Sound', covering issues that ranged from listening practices to the affective power of sound. During the final discussion, David Hendy, author of the recent 30-part BBC Radio 4 series 'Noise: A Human History' and the book Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening, suggested that the day's discussions pointed towards the unique ways in which sound studies can contribute to the understanding of community health and well-being.

Thank you to the organisers Philippa Lovatt, Martin Parker and Nick Fells for laying the groundwork for what is poised to become an important forum for exchange and collaboration in sound studies across the UK.