BOB-MK design network at Oxford City Hall


Dr Sarah Lappin and Prof Gascia Ouzounian have been invited to speak at the BOB-MK Urban Design Network at Oxford City Hall on Tuesday 5 June 2018.  

The event will examine a mix of topics that contribute to the experience of a place, and other speakers include Christopher Martin, Urban Movement; Sue Manley Placemarque; artist Kirsty Brooks and Vanessa Gregory, Look St Albans.  

The BOB-MK design network has been operating for ten years and is a collaborative group of predominantly local authority officers with an interest in urban design issues. The network promotes the benefits of sharing good practice, ideas and issues, meeting with and learning from peers.  The network delivers training, design reviews and urban design events as well as organising educational visits to projects and sites.  The BOB-MK network incorporates individuals from a range across urban design disciplines, including many local authority officers from planning, conservation and urban design backgrounds.  See